UNIFICATION – Info for Zone 4 Clubs

All Zone 4 Clubs should be in receipt of their voting forms for the upcoming Unification of the Bowls NSW & RNSWBA associations:

Please find attached below all the information your club needs to go forward with this proposal:

This information can also be found on the BOWLS NSW WEBSITE:


President – John Mobbs


Secretary – Shaun May

Home Phone: (02) 6374 1673

Email– bowlswife63@gmail.com


Mobile Phone: 0488 269 077

Email:  zone4ba.secretary@gmail.com



Good evening everyone,


Each club has had available to them information about the unification, and the voting process on unification through their Bowls Box and the Bowls NSW website.

The attached email includes the important information that clubs require to complete the voting process on unification.

Importantly, each club secretary needs to send out a notice to call a General Meeting of Members by Friday 23rd April.  This needs to outline the date, time and purpose of the meeting. The meeting must be held by the 28th of May.  More detail is provided in the attached forms.

Once the vote is completed, the Club Secretary completes the voting form indicating your member club’s majority vote – and forwards the verified form to the Zone Secretary via email.

The electronic vote by the club secretary must be completed and submitted to Zone by 30th May.

We would encourage all clubs to vote.

Once all votes are received, the zone will submit the majority vote of clubs received.

If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the zone for assistance.


Kind Regards


LINK TO DOWNLOAD THIS Correspondence :  letter to all re unification

The Voting Form is also Attached: LINK: Unification Club Voting Form